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Overture develops beautiful, user-centric and highly performant web experiences and applications with your organization's mission and message at the center of our strategy.

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Los Angeles-based Overture Web Development exists in a place between the hair-pulling frustration of DIY and the bloat and bureaucracy of the agency juggernaut. As a boutique web design, web app development and platform management firm we understand the needs of growing small and medium businesses.

Smallness is our strength and makes us approachable, progressive, nimble and singularly focused on our clients' goals.

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website & e-commerce design

Providing an excellent web experience is the critical first step to building a lasting customer relationship with your brand. Your website loading in the browser is like the curtain going up on a great performance.

Clear, concise, custom. Overture creates stunning, responsive, lightweight websites that broadcast your organization's message in an unforgettable way on any device your audience is using

Style and Substance

Sure, this is Los Angeles but looks aren't everything. We create beautiful websites that are also fast, useful, purpose-driven and deliver a memorable experience to your users.

Pixels with Purpose

Details matter. We start with a deep understanding of your business and then transform a blank page into a meaningful user experience while maintaining fidelity to the look, feel and tone of your brand.

Responsive, Mobile First

Since 6 in 10 users experience the web on a device other than a computer it's clear that mobile- friendly first is the new normal. Our websites adapt flawlessly to all screen sizes, browsers, Internet speeds and platforms.

SEO with Focus

When it comes to SEO content and performance are critical and take center stage in every aspect of our web design process. Our SEO strategy? Create succinct content, UI/UX, cut through the noise and speak to your audience.

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web application development los angeles

web application development

If you've ever asked, "if only we could..." then you're in the right place. Overture transforms ideas and builds them into practical, scalable, web application solutions of all sizes and budgets to meet everyday needs and provide competitive advantage to growing businesses.

Whether you need a custom application to consolidate and automate your business' workflows or you're simply looking to extend Wordpress and Shopify with must-have features, Overture will put the power of the modern web to work for your business.

DIY and Do more for less

Stop outsourcing your biz functions to multiple, expensive paid app subscriptions. Overture builds robust, cost-effective web applications tailored to consolidate & solve the unique challenges of your growing business' day-to-day operations.

Extend without overextending

Bend WordPress and Shopify to your will. The best thing about these powerful platforms is our ability to extend them with your wishlist of capabilities. We can securely add all the must-have features and functionality your customers and internal teams demand.

Data-Driven, Safe and Sound

Supercharge your instincts with standardized data collection and take control of your information chain-of-custody while respecting user privacy and safety. Our custom web apps are GDPR and CCPA compliant and hardened with the latest security best practices.

The customer user is always right

At the heart of our dev strategy is the user. We build web applications not just to create new opportunities for users to transact with your business but also to provide yet another amazing experience with your brand.

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web application development los angeles

SEO & online marketing

What good is an amazing website if no one knows about it? Our SEO strategy is succinct and effective — to connect your site with your audience by providing the content they need wrapped in a first-class user experience

Whether your conversion goal is measured in sales, subscribers, visibility or other KPIs, our approach to SEO and online marketing is holistic, data-driven and engineered to deliver larger quantity, high quality user traffic to your website.

SEO for humans

When it comes to content our first rule is to speak to your audience — not to search engine bots. We start with detailed keyword & keyphrase research and then develop content users find relevant and sincere.

Useful and Ubiquitous

SEO is not just about Google. Local, maps, social media, shopping, review sites, even YouTube are all search engines. Our strategy is about engaging your target audience at all phases of intent, wherever they might be on the web.

It's what you don't say...

Technical SEO is just as critical as having the right content. We audit and optimize the site performance, structure and meta data to ensure an ideal user experience which ultimately leads to higher search engine rankings.

Rinse and Repeat

We know from our own experience, in a growing business there’s no such thing as set and forget. Using tools like Google Analytics and our own custom blend of SEO management software we continuously review, test, refine and evolve.

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